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Henry Cavill thinks Red Dead Redemption "would be fun to turn into a movie"

The Witcher season 2
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Witcher star Henry Cavill has recently shared what videogame he’d like to see adapted into a movie. 

In an interview with GameReactor during the Madrid Premiere for The Witcher season 2, the Geralt and Superman actor was asked what video game he would like to see turned into a Netflix movie or series starring himself. According to the article, Cavill responded: "I started playing [Red Dead Redemption 2] and I'm really enjoying it. And so, something like that I think would be fun to turn into a movie." Cavill also defended his late introduction to the game - which was originally released in 2018 - by adding: "I know I'm a little bit late to that party."

It seems like Geralt of Rivia hasn’t got his eyes just on a role in the hypothetical Red Dead Redemption 2 movie though, as in a separate interview with GamesRadar+ Cavill revealed that he would "love to have a conversation" about being in the Mass Effect series. Not without a small caveat though, as the actor also said that it would depend on "how [the studio is] executing it," adding that "the world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be less changed from the source, so it all depends."

Other than playing Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher, Henry Cavill also recently played Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League earlier this year and has recently wrapped up filming a sequel to Netflix’s retelling of Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes 2.  

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