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Green Lanterns superhero suit will be CGI

It sounds completely barmy.

And, to be honest, we were as cynical of the idea as you currently are. But according to /Film and its “150% legit” sources, the Green Lantern costume is going to almost entirely exist within the confines of a computer.

Yes, new flick Green Lantern is going to feature the very first fully CGI superhero suit. And not in a Spider-Man way, in which shots of the hero swinging through the city were computer generated, while Tobey Maguire wore a real-life suit.

The GL suit is actually going to be grafted onto Ryan Reynolds' body during post-production, after shooting is completed. According to /Film , “the suit that Ryan wears on set is a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with led lights”.

Terrified? Yeah, we hear you. But according to a Warner Bros source, we shouldn’t be. Why? Ngila Dickson, the film’s costume designer, prompted the move into CGI as a way of taking the film’s look in a new direction to previous superhero flicks.

And she’s designed everything from Lord Of The Rings and The Last Samurai to The Illusionist and Blood Diamond . So she’s deserving of a little faith.

So there you have it. The film world’s first almost fully CGI superhero suit. It’s so nutso that it might just work, especially as the suit is meant to look all out-of-this-worldy anyway. Won’t stop us looking for the joins while watching, though.

Is CGI going a step too far here? Or is it fitting for the film?