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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hidden package location guide

Package 51: In an alley off the eastern road of Prawn Island.

Package 52: On top of a building in the Film Studio on Prawn Island. Requires a helicopter to reach.

Package 53: In a warehouse in the Film Studio.

Package 54: In the abandoned building in the northeast area of Prawn Island, you have to get to the second level and jump down into the hole in the wall (as seen in the screenshot) to reach the package.

Package 55: On the western side of the porch of the house in the northwest side of Prawn Island.

Package 56: Eastern side of the long building just north of the bridge leading into the downtown section of Vice City.

Package 57: Along the northern road in downtown Vice City is a U-shaped building. The package is located next to a statue inside this building.

Package 58: In a grassy alley near the Hyman Condo entrance, just past the Mars Cafe.

Package 59: On the western-most parking lot of the Hyman Memorial Stadium.

Package 60: Down the ramp near the ambulance in the parking lot of the Schuman Health Care Center.

Package 61: On the roof of the VCN building, next to the helipad.

Package 62: Inside the office building. Use stairwell to reach the entrance on the second floor.

Package 63: Behind a generator to the west of the J-shaped building.

Package 64: Northwest corner of the dock area near Phil’s Place.

Package 65: Inside a run-down shed (pictured) in Phil’s Place.

Package 66: In a stairwell found in the alley behind the El Nuevo Siglo Supermarket.

Package 67: Inside a drained pool on the rooftop of a building near Kaufman Cabs (the big yellow building).

Package 68: On the stairwell of a building behind Kaufman Cabs.

Package 69: In the alley behind the Riverside Pavillion restaurant.

Package 70: Near some generators on top of the building just north of the Print Works building.

Package 71: Under the “Life is a Bitch” sign just east of the Print Works building.

Package 72: Inside the Laundromat.

Package 73: Up the ramp on the northern side of the house.

Package 74: Behind the sign of the Fort Baxtor Air Base.

Package 75: Under the plane at the northern-most end of the runway.