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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hidden package location guide

Package 26: On the bridge connecting the two parts of the golf course.

Package 27: On the small dock by the buildings just northwest of the construction site.

Package 28: Directly west of the Standing Vice Point building is a small building with turquoise trim. The package is on the roof of that building -- you’ll need a helicopter to reach it.

Package 29: In the parking lot of the Malibu Club, across from the building where the last package was located.

Package 30: Near the swimming pool behind the WK Chariot Hotel.

Package 31: On the roof of a building just north of the Malibu Club.

Package 32: Inside this pizza restaurant, just north of the Malibu Club.

Package 33: Behind some stairs of a white building next to the pizza place.

Package 34: On a small island in the middle of a pond on the golf course.

Package 35: A block north of the pizza restaurant is a jewelry store. The package is inside.

Package 36: On the roof of one of the buildings in the central plaza.

Package 37: On the eastern side of the building just northeast of the bridge that leads to the golf course.

Package 38: Under the bridge leading to Leaf Links, on the Leaf Links side.

Package 39: Northwest corner of the golf course.

Package 40: In a fenced garden in the middle of some apartment buildings.

Package 41: On the western side of the driving range at the Leaf Links golf course.

Package 42: On a tiled walkway near a large hotel, just northeast of Leaf Links.

Package 43: On the top of the diving board by the pool of that same hotel.

Package 44: Behind the Jocksport sign on the RC Bandit Dirt Track on the northern section of the beach.

Package 45: Southwest corner of the bridge leading to Prawn Island.

Package 46: Inside the southern end of the North Point Mall there is a store called GASH. The package is located inside this store, on the second level near the store’s escalators.

Package 47: Eastern side of the second level of the North Point Mall, near the doorway of a store.

Package 48: On the east side of the building northwest of the RC Bandit Dirt Track on the beach.

Package 49: In the alley between the two northern entrances to the North Point Mall.

Package 50: On the lowest level of the North Point Mall’s parking garage.