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Gold-plated Xbox 360 offered as prize in Castle Crashers tournament

In honor of Castle Crashers' success on XBLA,the developers at The Behemoth have kicked off a Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions that will see one skillful combatant walk away with a 24k gold-plated Xbox 360.

Open to all nimble thumbed warriors with a copy of Castle Crashers on XBLA, the tournament requires players to duke it out in the game's PvP Arena for a spot in the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena Players leaderboard by January 28th. Those that manage to do so will then face off on February 5thfor a shot at taking home a pimpin' gold plated Xbox Box.

"Yes, a functional Xbox plated in 24k GOLD," writes The Behemoth on its official blog. "Imagine playing on a golden Xbox. Envision the look on your friend’s faces. Kings and Queens would come over to your house to play BattleBlock Theater."

The tournament was launched in celebration for Castle Crashers surpassingthe 2 million player mark. All finalists will receive a undisclosed prize, with second place set to a receive a Castle Crashers themed XboxElite, and the third to receive 250 squishy chickens. Complete details can be found atThe Behemoth Dev Blog.

Jan 10, 2011