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Genshin Impact offering Acquaint Fates prizes during Year of the Ox greeting card event

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: Mihoyo)

There are some free Aquaint Faint items up for grabs during Genshin Impact's Year of the Ox greeting card event.

Developer Mihoyo is offering Genshin Impact players a chance to get creative and submit their own personal holiday-themed greeting cards, with winners of the best designs being gifted plenty of goodies in the form of Aquaint Fate items.

Players are able to enter the community promotion from now until February 17 and all you have to do is create and share your very own Year of the Ox inspired message for your chance to win.

Acquaint Fates are pretty hard to come by in-game, but you can use them to get wishes in the game, allowing you to unlock more characters in Genshin Impact. Suffice to say, you'll want to try your best to nab of these rare items for free while you can.

Tweeting about the event, the official Genshin Impact account shared a message: "Happy Year of the Ox, Travelers! As a fun event, Paimon is inviting everyone to craft their own Genshin Impact themed greeting card to wish for a prosperous year!"

After you've designed a card, which can be done digitally or by hand, Mihoyo is asking us to share the creations on the game's official forums. Once uploaded there, the moderators will be selecting "100 wholesome winners who leave their most heartfelt creation in the comment section".

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The winners will get five Aquaint Fates items for free, while another 100 other players who don't submit a card will be selected to get one Aquaint Fate item if they "comment a warm message of blessing under the post".

The competition winner will be announced on February 19. If you want to get involved, you'll need to make sure you're based in America, Europe, Asia, TW, HK, or MO regions, and that your comments and posts are directly linked to the event.

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