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Game of Thrones season 7 set photos reveal what Sam and Gilly have been up to

(Image credit: HBO)

As filming wraps on the Game of Thrones season 7 locations in Cáceres, Spain, eagle-eyed fans have spotted John Bradley (Samwell Tarley) and Hannah Murray (Gilly) on set. It's about time we saw these fan favourites again...

As Watchers on the Wall reports, these new shots of Sam, Gilly, and baby - well, toddler - Sam are bundled up in warm clothing, hinting that they’re headed North… maybe to pay a visit to BFF Jon Snow?

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The next paragraph contains speculation and potential season 7 spoilers, so look away now if you're avoiding 'em!

Though Cáceres has been the setting for recent King’s Landing scenes, which are widely thought to be where Daenerys will ambush Jaime Lannister and co complete with dragons in tow, it’s not thought Sam’s popped into Cersei’s for a crumpet. It’s expected that he’ll head to the Plaza de las Veletas - the only location that, as yet, has not seen any filming action. 

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