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Fur real, the Han Solo movie might star Chewbacca's wife - see the first shot here

It’s easy to forget that the Han Solo movie also includes everyone’s favourite fuzzball, Chewbacca. It looks like we might even be getting a look at Chewie’s private life, as a shot from director Ron Howard seems to show off the love of the Wookiee’s life. D’aww.

Ron Howard tweeted out an image showing new Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo checking out a scene from the movie. If we go all ‘computer, enhance!’ – as the fine folks at SWNN did – then it’s clear that Chewie is getting all cuddly with another Wookiee at the very far right of the frame.

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So, who is it? If you scan the pages of, ugh, Wookieepedia then you’ll soon come across a character by the name of Malla who, in the new Star Wars canon, is actually Chewbacca’s wife. I always had Chewie down as a family man so it’ll be a welcome break from the Wookiee being at Han’s side to have a brief moment of marital bliss…

…except (I might be putting two and two together and getting five billion here) but I really hope there’s a non-tragic reason why Malla isn’t mentioned at all in the Original Trilogy. We can’t have them killing off Chewie’s amour and Lando and Han having a big bromance break-off in the same movie. That’d be a killer.

Image: Lucasfilm

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