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First official images from Carrie reboot released

The first images from the Chloë Moretz-led Carrie reboot have been revealed online, and they’re every bit as claret-soaked as you’d imagine they would be.

In fact, there’s a distinct sense of déjà vu all over again here, with Chloë Moretz re-enacting the ‘blood bucket’ scene made famous in Brian De Palma’s 1976 film adap of Stephen King’s novel.

Meanwhile, Julianne Moore goes for terror in a nightie as Carrie’s sinister Bible-bashing mother.

Check out the images below…

Published in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly , the images come with handy side-by-side shots from De Palma’s version of Carrie for comparison.

Which doesn’t exactly do the reboot any favours, as the 'compare and contrast' device shows off just how much the reboot resembles De Palma’s still stellar film - at least in the wardrobe sense.

Looks like director Kimberly Peirce ( Boys Don't Cry ) and co may have to work a little harder to convince us this particular remake is a good idea…

Carrie opens in cinemas on 12 April 2013.