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First look at Adjustment Bureau

The first two images from The Adjustment Bureau , starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, have been released by Universal Pictures.

Based on Philip K Dick’s The Adjustment Team , the film is a sci-fi romance that questions the control that we have over our individual destinies. When David Norris (Damon) glimpses what the future has in store for him, he decides to change it.

In order to do so, he attempts to finally woo ballet dancer Elise Sellas (Blunt), the only woman he has ever loved.

But when mysterious men attempt to keep the two apart, David discovers that Fate itself is intervening, and has sent agents from The Adjustment Bureau to stop David and Elise from being together.

The two new pics below don’t exactly give masses away in terms of spoilers, but they at least afford us a first glimpse at Damon and Blunt together. Click the images for larger versions.

The Adjustment Bureau is the directorial debut of George Nolfi, who co-wrote The Bourne Ultimatum and, um, 2003’s Timeline . It hits screens on 30 July 2010. Expect the first trailer any day now.

Think Damon and Blunt will do Philip K Dick proud?