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Final Fantasy composer publishes, scores illustrated e-book

Nobuo Uematsu's music throughout the Final Fantasy series scored some of gamers' most cherished friendships and darkest vendettas. Now the longtime composer is branching out to tell a story of his own, through a picture e-book called Blik-0 1946.

Uematsu wrote the tale of a robot programmed to feel all the same emotions a human does. After his activation, Blik-0 learns about the value of life and friendship.

“I wanted readers to recognize the happiness you can find in everyday life, which you often ignore because they are too close to you, and the importance of kindness and respect to others," Uematsu said in a release.

The e-book for iPad includes three new tracks composed by Uematsu which score Blik-0's journey. Its illustrations were provided by Uematsu's frequent musical and artistic collaborator Hiroki Ogawa.

Blik-0 1946 will be available on the App Store for $10 starting sometime in August 2013.

Connor Sheridan
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