E3 2005: Five years later

Activision was no less ominous five years ago. That dangling logo is the size of a bus, leering over the whole show floor like the eye of Sauron. Featured games were Call of Duty 2, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and some Tony Hawk game I can't recall. Probably American Wasteland. Sure, why not.

Speaking of CoD2, here's its base of operations. If only they loaded up that cannon with shirts.

Electronic Arts premiered its gargantuan 360 degree screen, complete with floor-sized speakers underneath. Really was something else, and used again in 2006.

Square-Enix came correct with a large assortment of Dragon Quest slimes, though none were for sale. Believe me, I asked.

Konami was pleased to show off its first DS Castlevania, Dawn of Sorrow, which weloved to death.

Atari put a lot of effort in its Path of Neo booth and play area. Nothing distracting about all that scrolling code, no sir!

And who could forget Rude Games, the life of any party past, present and future? Oh, the hilarity!


Oh hey, it's the Frag Dolls. What're they doing here?

Ah, they're playing America's Army. My, that looks entertaining.

Two well-paid women muster up enthusiasm for True Crime: New York City.

Namco brought its big ol' stage from E3 2004 back onto the floor, complete with yellin' ladies who love to throw shirts at people.

Saints Row, as represented by two extremely interested booth babes. And some guy.

Auto Assault had an entire group of stage performances going on throughout the week, be they fire eaters, jugglers or exotic dancers. A glamorous show ruined by sad reality: one day after the show, I was walking to my hotel and saw all of these performers hanging out on a corner, in-costume and seemingly crushed by life.

And what would an E3 be without some manner of bunny or cat girls? Pretty sure they were repping Final Fantasy XI, but it could have been a bit of XII as well.

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