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D.Va from Overwatch is getting a gothic lolita catgirl skin and the internet's losing its damn mind

D.Va's Black Cat skin from Overwatch.

Overwatch has been teasing some of the new skins for its next update to stir up excitement, but none of them have resonated quite like this one. As soon as the official Overwatch Twitter account shared the video, it was like the sky had fallen and only exuberant reaction gifs remained in its place. Look on Blizzard's works, ye mighty, and get hyped for Gothic Lolita Catgirl D.Va. Or, officially... 

The internet was eagerly awaiting some kind of payoff after spotting a feline-looking outfit for D.Va in a teaser video last week. Now that it's seen her, it can't live without her. If you don't keep up-to-date with the alt-fashion scene, "gothic lolita" basically means fancy, Victorian dresses with lots of black lace. Look closely and you'll see that even D.Va's robot exo-suit is trimmed with a lace pattern. 

The excitement was so intense that it traveled backward in time and gave this person a premonition of the hype to come. Note the timestamp; the tweet was sent just seven minutes before the skin reveal.

Unlike many of Overwatch's coolest skins, that one is joining the regular lootbox selection. That means you'll always have a chance to find it or unlock it with credits; no need to rush before a seasonal event ends and the skin gets locked away until next year. Several other new characters are getting new Legendary skins as well, like this handsome Kabuki Hanzo.

The update will go live on Tuesday, January 23 (tomorrow, as of this writing). You'll also be able to play on the new Blizzard World map once it arrives - it's basically Disneyland but with Diablo and StarCraft instead of The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. This is going to be a good patch.

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