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Dreams hosts its own in-game DreamsCom convention next week

(Image credit: Media Molecule)

The DreamsCom festival within Dreams highlighting community creations is returning next week.

Just below, you can check out the announcement trailer for the return of the DreamCom event in Dreams. As you can see within the trailer itself, the DreamsCom festival is going to be kicking off next Tuesday, July 27, and will run until the beginning of next month on Monday, August 2.

If you're unfamiliar with the general concept behind DreamsCom, then allow us to explain. Simply put, it's a gaming convention that takes place entirely within Media Molecule's game, offering players the chance to walk around an entire convention show floor within the space.

It'll be packed full to the brim with stalls, as you'd expect from any convention (it's been so long, after all, we wouldn't blame you for forgetting). At each of these stalls, you'll be able to take on games made by the Dreams community, as well as hear interviewers given by the creators themselves, perfect for if you're looking to take your creativity and game-building to the next level.

Media Molecule themselves are going to be spotlighting community-created highlights from DreamsCom while the festival rolls on. All throughout the festival, you'll be able to tune into the Media Molecule Twitch channel at certain times to see the developers tour the show floor, showing off player-created levels as well as interviews with certain creators.

In all, we can't recommend taking part in the DreamsCom event within Dreams enough. If you own a copy of Media Molecule's game, it's an excellent opportunity to experience brilliant creations from your fellow players all within one area, as well as get inspired by all the new courses and levels you'll find there.

All the while, since Dreams first launched from Media Molecule back in 2019, the Community Jam sessions have been going on. These are sessions where Media Molecule will assign the community a particular theme, and task them to build levels around said theme. You can check out one such example just below, where creators have been tasked with designing levels around pets.

If you're after some impressive levels to explore now, you should definitely check out this Dreams Bob Ross creation.

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