Dreams artist paints a Bob Ross painting while standing in a Bob Ross painting

Dreams Bob Ross painting
(Image credit: Martin Nebelong)

A Dreams artist has pulled off the creative feat of Dreams recursive artistry by creating two separate but intrinsically linked studies of the Bob Ross painting.

First, Martin Nebelong built a study of a Bob Ross painting within Dreams using its 3D tools, bringing a placid mountain lake into existence in virtual reality. Then Nebelong went into that space, set up an easel and canvas, and proceeded to paint a study of their virtual surroundings using Dreams' 2D art tools. It's a remarkable encapsulation of all the different tools Dreams gives creators to bring their visions to life, even if it does make me fear that Nebelong may now be stuck in an endless loop of paintings within paintings. Give us a happy little sign if you need help, Martin!

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Ross always promoted the surprisingly accessible joy of his signature "wet-on-wet" painting technique, and I think if he was still with us today he'd be delighted to know his work is now inspiring "painting-within-painting" work from virtual artists. Even if you aren't familiar with his name, you've probably heard those "happy little tree" jokes in passing - that's all Ross, and it comes from his 11-year stint as the host of The Joy of Painting.

The long-running television series taught viewers how to create landscapes using nothing but a canvas, a modest selection of oil paints and brushes, and a good attitude. You can watch all 31 of its seasons for free on the official Bob Ross YouTube channel if you want to try it out yourself, or if you just need a whole lot of good vibes to leave on in the background.

Even if you aren't much for landscapes, Dreams has been the host for a number of remarkable creative endeavors, including a rebuilt version of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart which may help take the sting off not being able to find a PS5 restock, a nearly photorealistic jungle which looks like a dang PS6 game, and possibly the most detailed carpet we've ever seen without crawling around on the floor with a magnifying glass.

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