Dreams developer shows off the best looking carpet we’ve ever seen

Dreams developer shows off the best looking carpet we’ve ever seen
(Image credit: Media Molecule)

Media Molecule developer John Beech has posted a stunning photorealistic image from Dreams, Sony's exclusive game-building toolbox.

Have you ever been so excited by a picture of a dirty carpet in your entire life? No, us neither. But just look at the detail on display here - the dust, dirt, and hairs on the carpet, the lighting and shadows, the textures of each surface. If you’d put this picture in front of us and said you’d taken it, we’d have maybe questioned your choice of subject matter, but we’d have 100% believed this was a real photo.

We shouldn’t really be shocked though, because developer Media Molecule and the Dreams community have been flexing on us since the game creation system launched into early access back in April 2019, before the official launch in February 2020. Since then we’ve seen people remake Halo so they can play as the Master Chief on the PS5, along with fan-made remakes of Fallout 4 and Red Dead Online, rebuilt entirely in Dreams.

Media Molecule has been cultivating the incredible creativity that the community have shown with constant updates to the game post launch, including support for PSVR which was added back in July 2020.

Dreams is a difficult game to explain, because it’s not really a game at all but rather a game creation toolkit with an incredibly user-friendly interface. It’s designed to blur the lines between players and creators, and serve as a jumping off point for aspiring game developers. Dreams is available now for PS4 and PS5 via backwards compatibility.

To see the best of what the Dreams community has to offer, check out our roundup of the best Dreams levels. There’s a Seinfeld horror game in there. No, we’re not joking.

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