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The Dreams VR expansion is coming in July and it's going to be big

(Image credit: Media Molecule)

Dreams is getting PlayStation VR support next month, opening the way for playing and creating in virtual reality.

The Dreams VR expansion will arrive on July 22, in the form of a free update for everybody who owns the game. Once the update is installed, you'll be able to explore the VR creation and navigation tools with a set of new tutorials, try out new sample creations from Media Molecule that show off some of the medium's new possibilities, and set to work creating your own.

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You'll need a PlayStation VR headset to try it all out, though you'll still be able to make creations that are VR-enabled even if you don't have the required kit yourself. Players who have both a headset and a set of PlayStation Move controllers will be able to try out the new sculpting tool that lets you create objects with an intuitive, more physical interface. If you've ever tried to muddle your way through making 3D objects by assembling primitive shapes and adding faces and just sort of smooshing things around (I sure have), you know how cool that sounds.

On top of the usual tools for rating creations, players will be able to assign VR creations a suggested comfort rating. That should help folks find creations that match up with their own personal comfort level in VR without Media Molecule needing to set specific limitations on what is and is not allowed in the medium.

Dreams got its proper release in February, but VR creations always seemed like the most promising part of the whole premise. I'll be eager to see what strange and wondrous things start emerging once the Dreams VR expansion rolls out on July 22.

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