Fallout 4 and Red Dead Online already have fan-made remakes in Dreams

(Image credit: Media Molecule)

Media Molecule’s Dreams has only officially been out for a few days, but it’s already home to remakes of Red Dead Online and Fallout 4. They’re the latest of many recent efforts from dream-surfers to capture our imaginations.

Sure, it’s not as though both games are remade in their entirety - though give it a few more weeks and they might - but to even capture the essence of them the way these users have is a remarkable feat and speaks to the broad toolset Dreams gives its players. Let’s take a look at Fallout 4 first. After a wildly accurate main menu screen that even features the classic Fallout theme song, we’re thrown into a tutorial different from Bethesda’s game, just to give people unfamiliar with Fallout a chance to catch up. From there we can see the player explore post-nuclear Boston, taking on sentry bots and mirelurks with melee weapons and firearms pulled right out of the real game. It even looks like it has the same sense of weight when the player sprints or swings their massive mallet.

The Red Dead Online recreation is decidedly more tongue-in-cheek. Players load in as a cowboy, take a few steps, and are promptly thrown from the lobby with a disconnect error message. It’s an experience that has gotten much less common as of late, but for players who jumped into Red Dead Online at launch, it’s strangely nostalgic in its swift ejection of the player.

Someone made Red Dead Online in Dreams from r/RedDeadOnline

There’s no shortage of awesome stuff to find in Dreams so far, partly due to the game being in early access for almost the last year. SInce then, we’ve seen fan projects like a total recreation of Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town, Cyberpunk 2077 in the vein of an early PS1 RPG, and even a photorealistic breakfast platter. The prospect of what Dreams may bring us in the future is an exciting one, and it’s likely to deliver viral sensations like these for years to come.

For now, Dreams is only on PS4, but Media Molecule hopes its creation suite has life beyond the one console.

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