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Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine Raid was beaten in two hours

Call my bookie; here I was betting that Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine Raid would go unconquered for three hours, and then Clan Redeem had to go and complete it in just over two. Come on guys, you were supposed to take a dive! Bungie congratulated the six intrepid Guardians on Twitter, sharing their impressive stats with the world:

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If you plan to take on Wrath of the Machine, you should get your Light up to 360 as soon as possible. I'd also suggest looking at the composition of the three teams that have completed it as of this writing. Clan Redeem's run was made up of four Titans and two Hunters, while Clan Rival had three Titans, two Warlocks, and a Hunter, and Clan Too Scrub 2 Be True ran with three Titans, two Hunters, and one Warlock. In other words, if you're Destiny's beefiest class, a Raid group could probably benefit from having you.

There's also our Rise of Iron hub, plus a Reddit megathread constantly being updated with tips, strategies, and secrets. Study up and good luck, Guardian.

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