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DEFIANCE Put Your Questions To Star Stephanie Leonidas

Got a question for Defiance 's Irisa? Now's your chance to ask it

Defiance returns to UK screens on Syfy on Thursday 18 September, and to celebrate we're giving you a very special treat. Stephanie Leonidas, who plays Irisa in the aliens-on-Earth show, will be answering SFX readers' questions from 12pm (UK time) on Monday 1 September . This is your chance to ask her about season two, what's in store for Irisa, what it's like to play an alien or any other burning question you might have for the Mirrormask star.

All you have to do to take part is login to Twitter and submit your question using the hashtag #SFXDefiance . Stephanie will be online for half an hour from 12pm on Monday answering your questions, Please drop by!

Defiance airs on UK Syfy from Thursday 18 September.