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Dark Souls 3 camera glitch lets you play it like an old-school GTA

You don't have to install a mod to access this unique Dark Souls 3 camera angle. You just need to head over to the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire and take a minor leap of faith. Then you can start dungeon crawling just like in the old days.

Mild disclaimer: as far as classic dungeoneering goes, It's not actually an isometric view like Diablo or Baldur's Gate. Instead it's straight top-down like the old-school Grand Theft Auto games (or Nethack, but with polygons instead of letters and numbers). And just like old GTAs, you can't see more than a few dozen feet in any direction, which makes it kinda tough to tell where you're going. 

Once you got used to the perspective it might actually be helpful for maneuvering around groups of enemies without having to whip the camera around - until you went into a building with low ceilings, anyway. Then you'd have to find your way by the "You Died" messages alone.

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Connor Sheridan
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