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Crack the Da Vinci Code trailer

The Da Vinci Code (WMV, 16.3MB) - right-click to download

Friday 12 May 2006
2K Games has released a trailer of the Da Vinci Code, the game based on the film that's based on the Dan Brown book about Jesus and stuff.

The trailer highlights the fact that while the game will obviously follow the plot of the book/film, there are far more puzzles and secrets to unravel than will be cracked by Tom Hanks in the film or Robert Langdon in the book.

It also demonstrates the type of detective work you'll be asked to do, stuff that's designed to test your observation skills and your ability to solve word puzzles.

While you watch the trailer and listen to the dodgy French accents you can comfort yourself with the fact that, unlike a lot of stuff shown at E3, you'll only have to wait a week before you can get your hands on it as it will released on 19 May.