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Check out the new Hasbro Baby Yoda toys, including an adorable animatronic

(Image credit: Disney/Hasbro)

It's a good thing tax returns are due in, as the latest The Mandalorian Baby Yoda toys from Hasbro are going to take all of your money. Revealed ahead of the New York Toy Fair, the latest Star Wars Hasbro collection is a nod to two DisneyPlus series: The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars.

There's a slew of The Child toys, including an animatronic plush that is so real I can't handle it. The plush coos and burbles, his big ol' ears move around, his head moves, and sometimes he reaches out one of those stubby little arms to try and Force choke you (I love it!). Apparently you can pat his little head to activate his sounds and movement, and can lay him down for a nap (gah). Check him out in action and doing his best below.

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You can pre-order the Child Animatronic on all major toy retailers, but here's the link for the official Disney Store

The Child Animatronic Plush isn't the only cool thing dropping with the Star Wars Hasbro line. If you're looking for more pointy and less cute, there's a fantastic model of The Mandalorian Darksaber that lights up and makes your typical lightsaber sound effects. Plus, and I'm especially partial to this, there's a special Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano figure, complete with double lightsabers, along with an Ashoka-painted clone trooper. 

Plus, some classic Hasbro games like Operation and Trouble have been Baby Yoda-fied. Don't panic, you won't be performing surgery on The Child (you aren't Werner Herzog), as the Mandalorian version of Operation involves you trying to stop Baby Yoda from causing mischief. You'll use tweezers to remove items the little klepto has stolen, which is way better than his internal organs. The Mandalorian Trouble game is just a themed version of the classic board game. 

The reveal of the latest Star Wars Hasbro toys is some great timing - the UK is finally getting DisneyPlus next month, and Clone Wars comes back this week.

Speaking of, here's The Star Wars: Clone Wars episodes you need to watch before season 7 reaches Disney Plus.   

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