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Can you actually kill people with Fortnite toy emotes? We find out

One of the new things introduced for Fortnite season 5 are toys. These props sit in your emote slots, and allow you and your squad to play a selection of sports together and at various locations across the Fortnite map. Currently, the toys available - and all through the Fortnite Battle Pass - are a basketball, a golf ball, and beach ball. All three sports have fancy versions that unlock at the higher tiers of the Battle Pass too. 

But ever since the Fortnite toys launched, a little niggling question as emerged... Can you kill with the Fortnite toys? 

Well, as part of our myth busting Fortnite Fact or Fiction series, we've put the various toys to the test, the very murderous, loot-thirsty test, to see if you can actually kill with any of them, or whether you're just, ahem, toying around. 

We tried out all three of the toys as potential weapons, and although it might have made us look totally bonkers mid-match, it was definitely one of our more hilarious experiments. Thanks to the fact that Fortnite playground mode is still down for its big upgrade, we actually had to do the testing in a live match, which is tricky, but possible thanks to 50v50 mode. 

And unfortunately, despite extensive testing, it's actually impossible to kill anyone with a Fortnite toy, so if you see anyone bragging about it on Reddit or Twitter, or any of those social medias, they're telling you big, fat, porky pies we're afraid. 

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