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Call of Duty: Mobile finally getting Zombies and controller support soon

(Image credit: Activision)

Activision recently posted a community update on Reddit revealing that Zombies will finally be making its way to Call of Duty: Mobile. Ever since the free-to-play FPS on mobile launched back in October, players have been awaiting the arrival of the classic COD mode, and while no solid release date has been set just yet, Activision said it will be coming "before you know it." 

"Over the past month there is one request that we have seen every single day, ‘where is Zombies?'," Activision wrote on the blog, "It will be at your fingertips before you know it." While the release date still remains quite vague, the studio points to its social media channels as it prepares "to show Zombies to the world." 

Outside of news on Zombies, the post details everything that will be coming to COD mobile in the coming week and throughout November, including upcoming events, challenges, modes, new gear or skins, and gameplay additions. You can see all of the latest new content headed to the FPS listed below: 

  • 11/4 – 11/10 - Weekly Battle Royale Challenge
  • 11/4 – 11/11 - Airborne Chip Event
  • 11/4 – 11/14 - Personal Milestones
  • 11/8 – 11/14 - FFA Mode & Challenge
  • 11/9 – 11/10 - 2X Weapon XP (BR only)
  • 11/11 – 11/18 - Call of Duty Endowment Pack

Controller support is also set to be released soon, with the studio stating it's just finalising the specifics of how it will work in-game with regards to matchmaking. Using a controller could well give players an advantage over people stuck with just their thumbs, so it's a crucial consideration.

At least we know Zombies is apparently just around the corner, even if no official release date window has been given. For now, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled on Call of Duty: Mobile's social media channels for more about the long-awaited mode. 

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