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Brie Larson talks about her love of Nintendo on the YouTube show Hot Ones

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Brie Larson appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel First We Feast's series Hot Ones, during which the award-winning actor spoke about her love of Nintendo. 

Hot Ones host Sean Evans asked Larson about a statement she made back in 2014, where she was quoted as saying Super Mario 3D World is "one of the greatest achievements in Nintendo history." 

"Nintendo has topped itself since then," Larson begins, saying that she may well say the same thing now about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. "Man, that game [Super Mario 3D World] blew my mind when it came out because I had such a deep love for it in its 2-dimensional form. I would have said that same quote when Paper Mario came out. When Paper Mario came out I was like, 'this is the greatest achievement!'. 

"I love illusions, I love optical illusions, I love magic, and games that use that… that use the idea that there's other worlds, other ways of looking at the world, which I think Paper Mario and Super Mario 3D World really did," Larson says, "but Nintendo continues to top itself. I mean, I'm a deep Nintendo lover through and through." 

The Hot One show on YouTube is currently in its 12th season and sees host Evans interview famous faces as they eat hot wings with sauce that gets increasingly hotter as the show goes on. Just when I thought I couldn't love her more, after Larson tries DA Bomb hot sauce - which has a Scoville level of 62,600 - she compares the experience to what it must feel like to evolve if you're a Pokemon. 

Larson has also just launched her very own YouTube channel, where she talks other games including Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Fortnite, and also reveals that she once auditioned for Star Wars. Honestly, if you want something that will make you smile, seeing her race to fetch her Animal Crossing: New Horizons special edition Switch and show it to the camera is just the kind of joyful content we need right now. 

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