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Blastermind: Vanilla Version Now With Answers

Ready for some Friday fun? It’s the SFX weekly quiz

It’s Friday, so it’s Blastermind time. Classic Blastermind, in fact! Okay, okay, you’ve seen through my cunning ruse. I’m off to Expo later today, and with a million other things to get done before I skidaddle, I haven’t got time to create a totally new, themed Blastermind this week. Sorry folks! So you get Classic Blastermind – in other words the picture round from one of the live Blasterminds we’ve done. Well, I thought it was better than nothing.

So it’s a simple task this week: identify the film or TV series from the following images.

Highlight underneath the images for the answers

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Number Six

Number Seven

Number Eight

Number Nine

Number Ten

Number Eleven

Number Twelve