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Binoche's Real Life

Consider this on your resume - The English Patient with Ralph Fiennes, Chocolat alongside Johnny Depp and… Dan In Real Life with Steve Carell!

Fair play to Juliette Binoche - she’s obviously eyeing a change of pace and there’s not too many hotter on the comedy flick market right now than the 40-Year-Old Virgin star.

The story follows Dan (Carell), a widower with three daughters who writes a parenting advice column. He finds his own advice is put to the test when he takes a holiday with his brother and falls for bruv’s girlfriend.

Binoche is set to play said lady, while the part of Carell’s bro has gone to Torque star Dane Cook.

Helmed and co-written by About A Boy scribbler Peter Hedges, with a little help from Lost Souls’ writer Pierce Gardner - Dan In Real Life is set to shoot later this year.