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Bill Hader reveals details of Judd Apatow slasher

In a chat with The Playlist, Bill Hader revealed some details about the slasher movie he's set to work on with Judd Apatow.

The actor has been working on the script with Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich, and Judd Apatow is attached to produce.

Hader told The Playlist: “Well, I’m not sure it’s called House of Joel anymore. I don’t know what’s happening with it exactly. Judd, me, and [ Human Giant director] Jason Woliner are gonna meet in L.A. soon to figure out what the next steps are.

"It’s a funny, funny script and it’s Judd’s take on a slasher movie. It’s been a long gestating project, but i think it’s worth it because it just keeps getting better.”

He then went on to give a fuller synopsis of the film than we've previously been privy to: “I play a guy who finds out that his girlfriend was basically a Laurie Strode-type from Halloween .

"She’s been hiding the fact that 15 years ago she survived this horrible night and the way I find this out is that I inadvertently take her back to her home town as a surprise and reawaken all the evil.

"It’s kind of about getting over your girlfriend’s past kinda thing. It’s sort of like having to deal with, ‘You did what!?’”

It sounds like it has potential to be a very decent comedy-horror, with an intriguingly original slasher premise. Let's hope Hader's impending meeting goes well…

Hader is preparing to shoot his directorial debut, The Hand Job , this summer.