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Get your (think) geek on with the best Cyber Monday merchandise bargains, like this Zelda Breath of the Wild backpack

Sometimes loving a game or movie just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to pledge your allegiance to your title of choice by displaying it where everyone can see it - and that’s where this gloriously geeky merch comes in. Although if you’re after the hard stuff like actual movies, games, consoles, and TVs, make sure to check out our best Cyber Monday gaming deals or our best Cyber Monday entertainment deals

Plus, we have good news! Thanks to all those Cyber Monday deals whizzing around, ThinkGeek are chucking in free international shipping if you spend over $200 if you use the code FREESHIPTOO. Or if you’re in the US, use the code FREESHIPTO (with one o) to get free shipping on orders over $50. Nifty!