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Battlefield 5 returns to the Pacific in a free update

(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield 5 is finally taking us back to Wake Island. Chapter 5: War in the Pacific will drop on October 31 for free, bringing with it two new maps (Iow Jima and Pacific Storm, which are reimagined versions of classic Pacific maps), two new factions, and a bunch of new weapons and vehicles. Don't fret, as everyone's favorite Wake Island map is reportedly coming later on in the year. Check out the wild (and graphic) trailer for Chapter 5: War in the Pacific below: 

War in the Pacific is the first time the US is a playable faction in Battlefield 5; you can choose to play as either the US Armed Forces or the Imperial Japanese Army. The Pacific faceoff means a host of new weapons and vehicles, including the katana, M3 Flamethrower, M1 Garand rifle, and the Lunge Mine - you can see most of these in action in the aforementioned trailer. There's also new weapons for each class: the bolt-action Type 99 Arisaka for Recon, the M1919A6 for Support, and the Type 100 SMG for Medica. Other guns will be released over time as in-game rewards. 

The new vehicles rolling into Battlefield 5 include the M4 Sherman and Type 97 tanks, new amphibious vehicles, an MB Jeep, the F4U Corsair for US fighters, and the Zero Fighter for Japanese forces. You'll also be able to purchase two new Elite characters - the American Jack Culver and Japanese fighter Keisuke Nakamura (both of whom are featured heavily in the new trailer). These Elite characters do not affect gameplay, but you do have to buy them. 

War in the Pacific will drop on Halloween, with a free weekend following immediately after (November 1 to November 4) where players can try out Battlefield 5 and the new content for free. 

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