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Batman: Arkham City Identity Theft side mission guide

Someone in Arkham City is stealing identities--more specifically, slicing off faces. True Batman fans may already have an idea of the villain behind it all, but for those who don’t know the Dark Knight’s legend, more evidence is required to find out who’s behind these murders. Here’s how to get this mission done--spoiler-free of course--as soon as each portion of it becomes available.

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Victim #1

The Identity Theft side mission can be officially started as soon as you exit the subway following your disabling of Penguin’s third communication disruptor. The first victim can be found just east of the subway exit. This victim’s location will be the only information explicitly given to you by the Batcomputer in regard to this mission.

After scanning the victim’s head and the blood nearby, follow the trail north around the building, then south, and finally east. You’ll come upon a witness with more information, but unfortunately none of it pertains to victim #2’s location.

Victim #2

The second Identity Theft victim only appears after you’ve completed the first main story mission inside the Museum. Look for a small alleyway in the middle of the building north of Ace Chemicals. Scan this victim’s face and the weapon next to him. After a lengthy conversation with Oracle, it’s up to you find the next lead. Head south.

Victim #3

Once again, the next victim will not appear until you progress past a certain point in the game. Finish your time in Wonder City and rescue the infamous new inmate when you get back to street level. Now you are finally free to find the third victim, who is lying in the middle of an alley on the south side of the Ace Chemicals building. As you approach the corpse, Batman should make a remark about finding another victim; if he doesn’t, quit and reload your game.

Scan the victims face and the spot of bleach near his body. Follow the trail of bleach to another alley to the northwest, interrogating the inmate you find there. Finally, you have the location of the killer’s hideout: an apartment just east of the courthouse. Enter the hideout and listen to the journal on the table to trigger a scene. Hack the console afterwards to escape the hideout, completing the mission.