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Barry Sonnenfeld off to Andrew Henry's Meadow

Riding high (ouch) on the relative success of his latest comedy outing RV, Barry Sonnenfeld is preparing to get a little more emotional and rely on fewer fart gags for his next job. He’s achingly close to directing Andrew Henry’s Meadow, which has been developed from Doris Burns’ kids’ book by Zach and Andrew Braff.

The tome – published in 1965 – was inspired by Burns’ sprog Mark and focuses on a boy inventor who slips away from the boredom of suburbia to pastures new – a meadow, to be exact. There, he builds a paradise in the trees and leads a group of other kids in trying to wake their families up to the wonders of the world.

Garden State’s Braff helped his sibling devise a way to adapt the book, but the script is all Andrew. Let’s hope it’s the quality Sonnenfeld who shows up to call the shots and not the man who bought us Wild Wild West…