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Assassin's Creed - here's EVERY Assassin, ever!

Nodar and Akaki Ninidze (Assassins Creed Initiates)

These brothers helped build a pseudo-Assassin Brotherhood of their own in Georgia, before the Templars swooped in and ruined them is a kind way to put it. Gavin arrived in the aftermath to rescue any survivors, and the brothers serve as ship cook and chief engineer respectively.

Galina Voronina (Assassins Creed Initiates)

The last of the imploded Russian Brotherhood, Galina contacts Gavins team and offers access to her Orders secret research lab in exchange for helping her pull her mother out of a self-made Animus. Gavin eventually invites her to join the Altair II crew as his personal bodyguard after seeing her bring a knife to a gunfight and win.

Kenichi and Saeko Osoroshii Baba Mochizuki (Assassins Creed Initiates)

The elderly leaders of the Osaka Brotherhood, and Gavins mentors. When Kenichi is killed in a raid by a yakuza offshoot, Saeko not only assumes his position in the Brotherhood, but launches a counterattack and takes over the gang herself. Theres a reason they call her scary grandma.

Kiyoshi Takakura (Assassins Creed Initiates)

A member of the Osaka Brotherhood that beats the tar out of Gavin when he demands to meet with Saeko (which got Galina her job).

All stabbed out

Wowzers, that's a whole lot of Assassins. Inevitably, I've missed a few. I'm only human. My excuse is that the Assassins I missed were too sneaky to find, but if you really want me to add more to this list then... Leave a comment or something. And don't forget to enter the competition. Remember: your favourite Assassin, and why.

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