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Arnold Schwarzenegger not definite for Toxic Avenger

It's almost exactly a year since Troma announced they were in talks with Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear in the Toxic Avenger remake , and it would appear those talks are still ongoing.

When we asked Schwarzenegger about the project during a recent Sabotage junket, he said he couldn't talk about the Toxic Avenger , because it hasn't been approved.

Presumably there's some work that needs to be done on a script that riffed on Arnie's 'Ex-Terminator' status (Oh, Troma).

Especially now the man will very much be a 'Current-Terminator' in Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genesis .

Still, whilst turning the subject away from all things Toxie-related, Arnie goes on to talk about Terminator: Genesis , as well as King Conan , and the Twins sequel Triplets .

You can see all that in the video below.

Sabotage is in UK cinemas tomorrow