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A Quiet Place 3? Here's what the future holds for the horror franchise

A Quiet Place 2
(Image credit: Paramount)

A Quiet Place Part 2 is here and, given the numbering convention, it stands to reason that a Part 3 is on the way. That, however, isn’t officially the case – but it certainly isn’t the end of John Krasinski’s original horror franchise. Here’s the latest on what’s still down the road for A Quiet Place.

Mild spoilers for A Quiet Place Part 2 follow…

A Quiet Place 2

(Image credit: Paramount)

A Quiet Place 2’s ending certainly allows for more scope to explore the world and its inhabitants in a potential threequel. But it’s not so clear whether the next destination is going to be pushing forward in the timeline or rummaging around elsewhere in the universe of the audio-centric frightfest.

Star Emily Blunt has said her husband (and A Quiet Place director) John Krasinski has "great ideas" for a third movie in an interview with Collider. Krasinski also told Collider that during the course of writing A Quiet Place Part 2, he wrote down notes should he ever need to prepare for a threequel. As of right now, though, noting is official.

Here’s what is definitely coming: A Quiet Place getting a spinoff movie.

Directed and written by Jeff Nichols – best known for his taut thriller Take Shelter and coming-of-age drama Mud – the spinoff will be "connected" to the events of the mainline movie series (as per The Hollywood Reporter) but, beyond that, we know very little.

Deadline, though, has separately reported that Paramount is eyeing up a 2022 release date – though it’s unknown if A Quiet Place 2’s own delay has shifted schedules further back.

We’re still holding out hope for A Quiet Place Part 3, mind you. The characters of Regan and Marcus are all set to evolve into bonafide lead characters and the sequel even teased the emergence of another threat in the shape of a band of humans that tried to kill Emmett during the movie’s final act.

We’ll keep our ears close to the ground and update you if we hear more about A Quiet Place 3. In the meantime, we can all look forward to next year for another hearty helping from the series.

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