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A Fortnite Ariane Grande concert could be happening according to new leaks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

A Fortnite leaker claims an Araina Grande concert is coming to the battle royale game's virtual stage.

Just below, you can see a lengthy post on the Fortnite subreddit, which emerged recently, claiming knowledge of a slate of upcoming additions for the battle royale game. The most notable is the claim that Ariana Grande will supposedly hold a virtual concert in the game at some point in the future, although the leaker claims it is "coming soon."

If the claim is true, it actually wouldn't be anything particularly out of the ordinary for the superstar. Grande has previously collaborated with Square Enix on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius to appear in the game itself. Additionally, Grande has previously spoke of her love of 2020's Sackboy: A Big Adventure, calling it a "doozy," while also praising games like Mario Kart and Mario Party.

The rumored Ariana Grande concert also wouldn't be a first for Fortnite. If you previously missed it, Epic Games collaborated with rap megastar Travis Scott last year in 2020 to produce a special virtual concert cantered on the star, hauling in a record-setting 12.3 million players for the special one-off event which featured a massive Scott taking players on a zany virtual tour.

In fact, as we wrote about shortly afterward in our writeup of the concert, Scott's audience of 12.3 million players in Fortnite vastly outweighed the audience he would've played for in Coachella, which he was forced to cancel earlier in the year. The number of players that turned up to watch Scott's concert surpassed the combined populations of New York City and Los Angeles, which is absolutely staggering.

Here's hoping the new claims from the Fortnite leaker are accurate, and Ariana Grande really will be holding a virtual concert in Fortnite at some point in the future. If the previous mind-bending and hallucinatory concert from Scott was anything to go by, Grande's concert is sure to be a treat for millions of players around the world.

For more on virtual concerts, head over to Edge's excellent feature on how virtual concerts kept us entertained during lockdown over the past year.

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