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8 most talked about stories of the week (8-12 March)

A lot of stuff happens in the world of games every week - some of which you might have missed. Here's a quick round-up of what we considered to be the most talked about news stories of the past five days....

PlayStation Move exposed at GDC

Sony used this week's GDC to splurge a whole bunch of info about PlayStation Move - the new motion controller that looks strangely familiar (glowy ball notwithstanding) to some other motion controller that has been on the market for a few years now.

We covered it pretty extensively for anyone that was, y'know, interested:

Every PlayStation Move game and how much you care about them

QUIZ: Wiimore or PlayStation Move?

PlayStation Move: Five ideas we'd like to see

Rumour: Annoying character to spoil Arkham Asylum 2 for everyone

There's been talk thatBatman is set to be joined by sidekick Robinfor Arkham Asylum 2. Most people seemed opposed to this idea. Some were downright affronted by the very suggestion. But would it really be that terrible? GamesRadar's official man of comics, Henry Gilbert, pointed out that therehave been many Robin'sover the years and we really don't know which one - if any - we're going to get.

Infinity Ward makes a clever pun: 'Mapathy'

To promote the release of its upcoming Modern Warfare 2 DLC (called 'Stimulus package'), Infinity Ward conjured up 'Mapathy'. The dev describes the collision of words to mean: "A state of indifference to the same old maps one has been playing for the last several months." We couldn't help thinking that more maps perhaps wasn't the best cure for mapathy. So we wrote this:Are new maps enough for MW2 DLC?

Kratos has sex. We watch

A new God of War game means more having sex mini-games. And, compared to the previous GoW's shagging sequences, this one dominates. Hit the link for a quick recap on Kratos' previous conquests and the video of his latest shagging.

God of War III's sex mini-game revealed

And this week on CVG...

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Activision doesn't just churn shit out

Final Fantasy XIII reviewing higher on 360 than PS3