Which Robin will we get in Arkham Asylum 2?

Yesterday the news broke that, according to IMDB.com, Robin had been cast (opens in new tab)and would appear in Batman Arkham Asylum 2. But many aren’t sure if this is a good or bad thing. Isn’t Robin just an annoying kid in nylons who says corny phrases while being held for ransom by the Joker? Won’t that make Arkham 2 suck? Well, thanks to the insanely deep and perplexing history of comics, that all depends on which Robin we’re talking about.

Above: The young ward’s most recent gaming appearance, in LEGO Batman

Barring the emergence of some new, from-scratch Robin, or some alternate-universe incarnation, there are a total of five (maybe six) possible Robins to choose from. We’ll take you one by one through 60 years of comic-book history, and rate each by probability of appearing in AA2. We based our scale on good, old-fashioned guesswork and gut feelings, so it’s bound to be right.

Henry Gilbert

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