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PlayStation Move: Five ideas we'd like to see


Game: Spider-Man
Use: Multi-directional web-slingin'
Why?: Although Spider-Man 2: The Game came close to the beautiful swinging momentum of the movies, we've never actually had complete freedom to cast out a sticky line wherever we want. With Move it could happen. Just imagine the exhilarating feeling as you fire a web onto a lamppost and narrowly avoid being stoved by a yellow cab. Or may be it'll just be used to flog insubordinate folk in Modern Warfare. Oooh, topical.


Game: Fight Night
Use: Kicking. Nah, only joking, punching
Why?: Because Motion Fighter already looks crap and there's no way EA will pass up on an opportunity to stick another trademark in their games. Done properly it could allow you to really target specific areas of the face like concentrating your efforts on turning your opponent's nose into paste.


Game: Metal Gear Solid
Use: Whatever Hideo Kojima comes up with
Why?: Remember when you had to put your controller in slot two to confuse Psycho Mantis in MGS1? Or when he later moved it with telekinesis (read: over use of rumble)? Koj is never short of novel ways to explore new technology. We can alreadysee it asa faux-syringe to combat the Foxdie like in MGS4.


Game: Anything new
Use: Something incredibly simple and equally innovative
Why?: The folk at Q-Games are undoubtedly the kings of PSN with sterling titles such as PixelJunk Shooter and Monsters. Both games are ace and no doubt Sony will have sent them the Move tech as soon as it became available to ensure they could create another brilliant game.


Game: Virtua Tennis
Use: Full racket control for those arm-chair sports fans
Why?: Because something's are just inevitable

We know you'll have way more ideas than us about how PlayStation Move could make games better without feeling tacked on, so why not let us know in the comments field and we'll read them out on our next podcast (Wednesday 17th March 2010).

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