Attack of the sci-fi novel adaptations

While many of the most famous sci-fi novels have made it to the screen, the demand for sweet, sweet raw material to feed the Hollywood machine remains at an all-time high.

So it comes as no surprise that Philip K Dick – whose novels have given us the likes of Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly – is still considered a prime target for adaptation. The latest of his books snapped up is UBIK, which his daughter, Isa Dick Hackett and production company Celluloid Dreams want to turn into a movie. We say good luck to ‘em – they’ll need it, as UBIK is a tricky tale set in a futuristic alterna-universe where an explosion on the moon has the main characters questioning reality. Prime Dick material, then… Variety is dreaming of android sheep .

Also starting its journey through the space ways of development is the lesser known, but Hugo award-winning Spin, from Robert Charles Wilson. He story finds Earth wrapped in a membrane called the Spin, which blots out the stars and makes the moon vanish, which essentially spells doom for all life on Earth. Olympus Pictures has just nabbed the rights. The Hollywood Reporter is ready for anything .