Atlus releases its own Catherine unboxing video

Proving that there's nothing The Man won't take away from you if he thinks it'll make him a buck, Atlus has released its own take on that last bastion of consumer expression, the unboxing video. Unveiling everything Catherine superfans will be able to look forward to if they shell out for the game's “Love is Over” Deluxe Edition, Atlus' Aram Jabbari beats buyers to the punch with an unboxing clip filmed before the game's even hit shelves. How fortunate, then, that the clip's commentary manages to be considerably more entertaining than any reedy-voiced home clip you ever did see.

Beginning with what's sure to induce apoplexy in anyone actually planning to spend $80 on the collection, Jabbari just out and takes a razor-bladed box-cutter to the edition's plastic-wrap. But relax! He's just showing you how to do it. Charmingly keeping the back of the box obscured in a long-shot – out of concern for spoiling the plot of this seven-minute clip – Jabbari proceeds to detail and flaunt the edition's pizza box, boxer shorts, t-shirt, pillowcase, soundtrack cd, art book (in English and French), and (we're getting down to the dregs here) game disc and full-color manual. That's an awful lot of doodads to seal up in plastic bags and never touch for fear of reducing the collector-value with your grubby little videogame hands!

The package will be in stores come July 25, and the soundtrack and art book go to anyone who pre-orders any edition of the game. Will you be among the recipients of this plethora of goodies?

Jul 19, 2011