Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood shop quests guide

The Halls of Nero- Romulus Lair

When you reach the treasure room of the first lair, there will be chest strewn about that each contain a tomato.Really nice plunder form making your way to the treasure room, freakin tomatoes. You only need 6 of them, so enjoy the left overs. Make a BLT or something.

Thrown to the Wolves- Romulus Lair

In this Lair, after the horse chase with the priest, you will battle a gaggle of followers that appear. Take them and wolf heads down and in the same room that they attack will be a chest with a Terracotta pot. Also when you reach the treasure room at the end, grab a set of Buddhist Prayer Beads from a chest in there.

Leader of the pack – Romulus Lair

Once you make your way deep into the lair, you will encounter a follower who runs on the large room that you you will be told you need to escape from. In the corner of the room, there is a chest that will have a Papaver Silvaticum in it.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing- Romulus Lair

Once you get into the Lair a ways, you will start to chase the cardinal through the church and he will zip up a lift. Clever girl. In the next chamber is a chest on the ground that will have a Cardinal’s Purple Dye.

There is also a Pomander and Buddhist prayer beads in the chamber after the Treasure Room, once you make the big dive.

The Sixth Day- Romulus Lair

In this lair is one of the hardest to find items needed for a shop quest, the Shrunken Head.When you reach the final chamber with the large cross in the center, head over to it and make your way to the stairs on the right side. To the right of the stairs there will be a small hallway. Head down about half way to find a chest that has a head in it.

Aside from chests, once you have your Assassin’s Guild up and running, you can also gain quest items from the Assassination missions that you send your crew out to complete.When you are looking at the mission descriptions, look for the jobs that have the starburst symbols instead of diamonds for the difficulty ratings.These will have items as well as cash for the completion of the mission.

Mission: Exodus
In Lisbon acquires a Terracotta pot

Mission: Destructive Criticism
In Paris acquires a totem

Mission: Picking up the Pieces
In Barcelona acquires Ambergris

Mission: My Enemy’s Enemy
In Constantinople acquires Pomander

Mission: Man Down
In Paris acquires Cardinal’s Purple Dye

Mission: Dousing Fires
In London acquires Vlad the Impaler Coins

Mission: Star Chamber
In London acquires Indian Diamond

Mission: Closure
In Barcelona acquires Elephant Ivory

Mission: Scapegoats
In Moscow acquires Vlad the Impaler Coins

Getting quest items from these guys can be very lucrative. The items you get are random but the payoff is that you will always get something. Of course, whether you need it or not is another story. Pickpockets can be found from the red money bag on your map and after a short chase, you can get items as well as some money from them. The red-caped couriers can be found around the cities but will have no visual marker on the map indicating where they are.You’ll need to keep your eyes open for them walking around and a white arrow above their heads. They will almost always have a better payout then the pickpockets and are worth watching for.

The best way to get random quest items is from the gangs of bandits that attack you. Sometimes the bandits will just appear out of the blue and start to attack after some trash talking. You can usually find them in the South East Antico District at night in the countryside.If you want to be a sneaky Pete, you can also keep playing through Memory Sequence Three: Section 3- the mission where you need to pay the bandits 2500 fl. for the return of the courtesan on the boat.Kill the bandits on the boat, loot the bodies and check your haul.If you don’t get what you want, reload it and do it again.If you do get what you want, make sure to finish the mission or else you won’t keep what you found.

Centro map

1.Terracotta Pot
8.Buddhist prayer beads
10.Cardinal’s Purple Dye
11.Prayers beads
13.Cardinal’s purple dye

Campagna Map

1: pomander
2: terracotta pot
3: totem
4: totem
5: tomato
6: vlad coins
7: prayer beads
8: silk
9: Indian diamond
10: vlad coins


1: nutmeg
2: totem
3: terracotta pot
4: terracotta pot
5: terracotta pot
6: prayer beads
7: tomato
8: totem
9: terracotta pot
10: totem
11: terracotta pot
12: Shrunken head
13: Papaver Silvaticum
14: Ambergris
15: prayer beads
16: silk
17: Papaver Silvaticum
18: elephant Ivory

Vaticano Treasure Map

1: Silk
2: Ambergris

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