Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood shop quests guide

Near your hideout there will be store markers that have a diamond around their symbol.These special shops will have Shop Quests that you can complete to grab some additional tools in your mission against the Borgia. While you don’t get any achievements for completing the quests, you do get to brag to whoever will listen that you completed them all. Each quest requires a certain set of items to craft the items out of –why you need Shrunken Heads to make armor, I don’t want to know- and they can be found and gathered in multiple locations.

To save you from having to look in every nook and cranny, we have compiled this guide to show you exactly where to go to get what you need. While some items do show up randomly through looting bodies, the majority of them can be found at set spots throughout Rome in chests and through Assassination Missions. That Captain’s Sword isn’t going to craft itself, so get to it!



Shrunken Head x 2
Elephant Ivory x 3
Indian Diamond x 3

Reward: Seusenhofer Pauldrons and Seusenhofer Chest Guard

For the Exotica Quest, the tricky part is getting the Shrunken Heads.There are only two chests in the entire game that have them, one is #12 on the Antico Map and the other is in the “Sixth Day” Romulus Lair (read the description below to get the location) The rest of the items can be gathered easily from Bandits and other chests.

Blood Money

Vlad the Impaler Coins x 7

Reward: Spada Lunga (sword)

A rather simple quest, but takes a bit of time to grab 7 of the coins.There are several ways to get coins – assassination missions, chests, bandits- but given enough time and you willcollect enough of them to get you the monster sword.


Terracotta pot x 3
Totem x 2
Buddhist Prayer Beads x 2

Reward: Captain's Sword

This quest is the first one you get and probably the easiest. Simply use the maps provided to locate the closest chest with the goods you need.



Tomatoes X 5
Nutmeg x 3
Acontie x 1

Reward: Fast Poison

Tomatoes are plenty- there’s enough for this quest at the end of the first Romulus lair- as in the Nutmeg needed for this quest.The Acontie can be a pain and I only found it from bandits.Keep taking down couriers and bandits till you find it and the other ingredients are easy enough to come by.

Art Merchant


Pomander x 2
Ambergris x 3
Papaver Silvaticum x 1

Reward: Vaticano Treasure Map

A few rare items to get the treasure map, but not impossible to find. The Papaver Silvaticum can be found in a few chests as well as from couriers. The Ambergris is only found in a few chests but can be found in plenty from bandits that attack you.


Pulling Threads

Silk x 8
Cardinal's Purple Dye x 5

Reward: Large Quiver (5 extra crossbow bolts)

Another large quantity, but rather simple quest.They are easy ingredients, but take a while to get the amount needed. Silk can be found in numerous places like chests and bandits, but guards will also have silk on them at times.Be sure to look all the bodies you come across- including couriers, pickpockets and just about anything that is on the ground stinking up the place.

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