As FromSoft confirms Elden Ring's most-killed enemies, players try to deduce the least-killed ones instead

Elden Ring
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FromSoftware, the developers behind Elden Ring, recently revealed stats for the most-killed enemies in the game, prompting fans to instead speculate on which enemies are the least-killed ones. 

Elden Ring players have altogether slain over 197 billion enemies which means that if every human on planet Earth played the game, everyone would have defeated 24 enemies each. An impressive hypothetical achievement for all the grandparents out there. The top five most-felled enemies include club-wielding Albinaurics (9.4 billion deaths), Magical Putrid Corpses (8.9 billion deaths), crossbow-wielding Exiled Soldiers (4 billion deaths), curved sword Albinaurics (3.4 billion deaths), and finally the Demi-Humans with curved swords (3 billion deaths.)

That’s a lot of monster murder, huh? Especially for the poor Albinaurics that look permanently sad, although their massacre is somewhat justified since you can quickly farm millions of runes via their slaughter.  

Soooo we know the Top 5 Most felled enemies, but which 5 enemies are the Least felled??? from r/Eldenring

Those stats prompted fans on the game’s popular subreddit to wonder about which enemies were the least-killed ones. The most upvoted comment on the above thread says “Lobsters. Just a gigantic waste of time,” with another player adding that they’ve “literally never killed” the Lobsters before. That’s possibly due to how frustrating it can be to fight the Lobsters, or more specifically the Giant Crayfish, and their relatively low rune payout.

Others slated the Blue Golem pictured in the Reddit post, who has more health than the game’s infamous Malenia boss, drops nothing worthwhile, and can be found in a super hard-to-reach location. FromSoft are the masters of trolling and moving to an open world doesn’t change that, I guess. Some other commenters mentioned the Snowfield Red Wolf and Rune Bear as possibilities, in addition to the towering Mohgwyn Crows that are as tough as they are ugly.

FromSoftware were generous enough to release more interesting stats about what players got up to in The Lands Between. Since launch, players have engaged in 82 million coliseum battles, acquired the legendary Dark Moon Greatsword 11.7 million times, and only atoned for their sins half a million times. A dismal number considering the game has sold more than 20 million copies. Lots of sinners out there. 

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