Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her's next challenge is a mod that turns every enemy into Malenia

TsuboiKlein via Twitter
(Image credit: TsuboiKlein via Twitter)

Elden Ring's famed Let Me Solo Her is tackling a mod that turns every enemy in the game into Malenia.

Earlier today, Let Me Solo Her took to Twitter to announce their next prestigious feat in Elden Ring: beating the game with every enemy turned into Malenia. This feat, which we're not sure is fantastic or just downright masochistic, is beginning later today on March 17 on Let Me Solo Her's Twitch channel.

Let's be honest: there's no one better suited to play this mod than Let Me Solo Her. The infamous Elden Ring player has gotten so good at beating Malenia repeatedly that they were even sent a freaking sword by publisher Bandai Namco, such was their notoriety over the past year.

It's worth noting this mod where every enemy is Malenia has actually already been beaten. It was first beaten by a hardened Elden Ring veteran last year in June and was wrapped in just over eight hours, a frankly unbelievable feat considering even the local wildlife was transformed into arguably the hardest boss in the game.

Let Me Solo Her's fans are really excited to watch this feat unfold. "This should be considered a historic event," writes one Twitter user responding to the tweet just above, while another adds "My brother in Christ. Has she not suffered enough?"

If Malenia thought she could turn the tables on Let Me Solo Her by duplicating herself hundreds of times over, she might have another thing coming. As for what's next for Let Me Solo Her after this event, they recently told us they're ready for Shadows of the Erdtree DLC, raring to find another similarly-staggering challenge.

If you're after hard statistics, Let Me Solo Her has beaten Malenia over 4,000 times at this point

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