Artist creates an adorable Animal Crossing and Pokemon mashup

Animal Crossing
(Image credit: Nintendo)

An artist on Instagram is imagining what an Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokemon mashup would look like, and it's incredibly charming.

Over on Instagram, @fentoshops is wondering how two of Nintendo's flagship games would look like if they were mashed up into one seamless experience. The result is something fantastic, as a Pokemon trainer catches a Magikarp through Animal Crossing: New Horizons' fishing mechanics.

Elsewhere, the artist has imagined what Pokemon would look like as Animal Crossing villagers. For example, one post showcases the adorable Piplup reimagined as a villager for your New Horizons island, and spoiler alert: they're a somehow even more adorable version of Roald.

In fact, the Animal Crossing and Pokemon mashup isn't the only crossover the artist has imagined on their Instagram page. There's the likes of Marvel's Wanda Maximoff and Nigel Thornberry recreated in Animal Crossing's loveable art style, as well as Zagreus, Cerberus, and Asterius of Hades mocked up in the style of Nintendo's game.

This is far from the only fantastic fan creation we've seen surrounding Nintendo's game of late. Just last week, a player recreated the 2006 animated Animal Crossing movie on their New Horizons island in full, inviting players from all over the world to come and experience the movie in their home.

For a list of some other inspired player creations you can host on your own island, head over to our best Animal Crossing New Horizons design codes guide for more.

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