Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan dedicates their entire island to the Animal Crossing movie

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An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has taken inspiration from Animal Crossing: The Movie and dedicated their entire island to the animated flick. 

The player, who is known on Instagram as @dobutsu.nomori shares photos of their island as they replicate scenes from the movie, from the villagers who appear in the film to the clothing and even the furniture. They’ve even made their own Roost complete with a make-shift Brewster who is still one of many missing Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters

Animal Crossing: The Movie, or as it's known in Japan ‘Dōbutsu no Mori’, was released only in Japan back in 2006 and follows the basic plot of the Animal Crossing games. The film features an original character named Ai who has just moved into a new town which is populated by animal villagers.

@dobutsu.nomori’s island has all the familiar faces from the movie including Whitney, Apollo, Hopper, Margie, Rosie, and Alfonso, along with many other recognisable villagers and NPCs. The player has even designed their own character after Ai, complete with red ponytails and yellow dress. They’ve also shared their Dream Address for other fans who want to experience Dōbutsu no Mori up close and personally. 

If you're looking for more recreations, another fan has also recently shared their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island where they searched specifically for the five villagers who appear on the game’s box art and designed the playable characters to match those on the cover too. 

Finally managed to collect all of the box-art villagers! from r/AnimalCrossing

Love the idea of an original Animal Crossing story? Did you know that an Animal Crossing: New Horizons manga series is due to be launched in the West later this year? 

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