Arthur and the Minimoys

Based on an upcoming film from famous French director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, The Professional), this third-person action adventure tells the story of a boy who discovers the world is filled with Minimoys - which, we quickly learn, are tiny people who have hair like troll dolls and wear clothes that seem to be made of bug parts.

In fact, everything in the Minimoys' universe seems to be bug parts, if not entire bugs. As the for-some-reason shrunken Arthur and his two Minimoy friends, tiny hottie Selenia and mini-chub Betameche, it seems the entire world has segmented legs and compound eyes. Need a door? Put a big, gnarly bug in the way. Need to get somewhere? Ride a mosquito. You can even shoot at things from its back. What's that enemy up ahead? Oh, it's some sort of insect.