Armored Core subreddit asks fans to please stop posting lewd art

Armored Core 6 Rusty
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Armored Core 6's subreddit has issued a warning to lewd fan art after several posts on the channel.

Earlier this month, we reported on how Armored Core 6 fans were drawing characters, even though they're all literally faceless in the actual game itself. The likes of Ayre and Handler Walter are never seen, represented instead as faceless voices by your side, but of course talented artists went ahead and imagined them as a magical girl and a certified zaddy, respectively.

Now, artists have taken the whole thing to its inevitable end. It turns out a lot of them have been posting lewd imaginings of Ayre, Rusty, and more on the Armored Core-dedicated subreddit, which is in direct violation of the channel's seventh rule, which very clearly states: "No NSFW content."

Regarding recent fan art posts. from r/armoredcore

This rule includes, but is not limited to, "nude/explicit fan art, graphic text posts, explicit user emblems, references to sexual websites (R34, hentai, furry), "horny posting", etc." Your post will be deleted by moderators if you breach this rule, and you could face a temporary or even permanent ban should you incur the moderator's wrath again.

The culprit here appears to be not the artists themselves, but none other than Rusty, the sole nice character in Armored Core 6. Reddit users are blaming Rusty for being too damn sexy for his own good, encouraging artists to imagine him in lewd recreations just through his own voice. It's the fault of the character himself, your honor, not the artists.

"FromSoft should never created Rusty, he's the reason the sub got sexy as of late," writes one user. They're not wrong: a lot of the artwork (which we're not posting here for obvious reasons) centres around the ally, for better or worse. "I'mma need a tetanus shot with all these Rusty thirst posts," reads one excellent comment.

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